CFMCC Holds 2017 Youth Employees’ Forum
CopyFrom: Date:30 October 2017
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  On October 27th, the CFMCC Group held its 2017 Youth Employees’ Forum. A total of 27 Youth League cadres and youth employee representatives from all of CFMCC’s units in Wuhan carried out a forum focused on the work of youths and the Communist Youth League to earnestly learn and carry out the spirit of the 19th National Congress. CFMCC Party Secretary & President Song Zhanjiang was invited to take part and cordially communicate with the youth employee representatives.

  At the forum, Song Zhanjiang spoke highly of the attending youth representatives’ political awareness, fully affirmed the constructive opinions and suggestions put forward by the youths for the Group’s development and youth work, and put forward four requirements. First, youths shall pursue lofty ideals. The current primary tasks of the Group’s youths are earnestly learning the report made at the 19th National Congress of the CPC and fully appreciating the meeting spirit of the 19th National Congress. It is necessary to pursue lofty ideals according to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s requirements. What kind of life young people lead depends on the ideals that they pursue. It is necessary to inspire youth employees to continuously advance, promote the Group’s rapid development and enhance the sense of honor and belonging of the Group’s youths with lofty ideals. Second, youths shall be down-to-earth. To select a good development platform is an important factor for life development. Youth employees shall be full of passion for their work, learn to complete tiny and trivial things with high efficiency, and seek greater development. Third, youths shall have the courage to innovate. Youth employees shall be good at learning and thinking, have the courage to think and act in work, pay attention to teamwork in the continuously innovated work process, learn to communicate, be good at communication and learn to treat two-sided questions in a dialectical way. Meanwhile, it is necessary to learn self-discipline, grasp the degree and cultivate an optimistic anti-pressure ability in work and life. Fourth, the organs and departments shall promptly solve the basic requirements of youth employees. Remuneration, love and marriage, job relocation, certificate obtaining, training and other questions focused on by youths shall be appropriately solved. The Group shall also carry out further training in all systems and majors, and help youth employees make good career plans. Meanwhile, Song Zhanjiang also combined his own youth work experience to give a vivid lesson and better communicate with the attending youths, which had an importance guiding significance for the future growth and work of youth employees.

  Youth employees from 12 units made reports and exchanges in terms of learning the spirit of the 19th National Congress, grassroots league organization work experience, league organization construction, youth talent training and other aspects. The Construction and Installation Company’s Youth League Committee held an experience exchange regarding the training of youth reserve talents, and the Communication Company’s Youth League Committee held an experience exchange concerning youth visits and grassroots investigations and surveys. In the free discussion section, the youth representatives put forward their own questions and opinions in terms of love and marriage, remuneration, information construction, post relocation and other questions. Their questions were sharp and humorous. Secretary Song Zhanjiang cordially answered these in detail and required relevant departments to emphasize and promptly implement the relevant requirements put forward by youth employees.