CFMCC Launches Initiative to Help Party Members and Personnel with Special Difficulties
CopyFrom: Date:21 July 2017
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  On July 17th, the CFMCC Group comprehensively launched an initiative to help Party members and personnel with special difficulties in 2017. It will enable elderly Party members and personnel with difficulties to fully experience the loving care and warmth of the CFMCC Party Committee.

  CFMCC regards the call to help retired Party members and personnel to overcome their difficulties as an important duty. It earnestly conducted investigations to ascertain the real situation, confirmed the objects of assistance, established an information base for Party members with difficulties, and clarified the conditions, family backgrounds, reasons for difficulties, changes in ideas and methods for overcoming difficulties. In addition, it set up a pairing assistance mechanism, switched from ‘transfusion-style’ assistance to ‘blood production-style’ assistance, changed from simply sending money and goods to sending information, warmth and jobs, and helped Party members and personnel with difficulties in many channels and forms to solve their practical problems.

  In the assistance activity, CFMCC interviewed and expressed sympathy and solicitude for 30 retired Party members and personnel with special difficulties, closely combined the activity with ‘Two Studies, One Action’, extensively condensed its social forces and further enhanced the cohesion, rallying point and centripetal force of the primary Party organization.