CFMCC Delivers Cool and Refreshing Goods to Construction and Production Front Line Employees
CopyFrom: Date:24 July 2017
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  On July 15th, CFMCC Group Party Committee Secretary and President Song Zhanjiang and Chief Accountant Cao Jie took advantage of the two-day weekend to visit the construction sites of the Qingshan Binjiang Business District Phase I and 39th Avenue projects and the Steel Structure Company’s Yangluo Production Base to deliver cool and refreshing goods and extend their greetings to the front line employees struggling in the high temperature weather.

  At the construction sites of the Qingshan Binjiang Business District Phase I and 39th Avenue projects, Song Zhanjiang personally distributed salt soda water, watermelons, towels and other sunstroke prevention goods and materials including sunstroke prevention drugs into the employees’ hands, while extending lofty respect and sincere greetings on behalf of CFMCC to all the employees insisting on sticking to their front line posts. He also required all units to make sure they fully complete all heatstroke prevention work in the high-temperature season to guarantee the physical health and onsite construction safety of the employees.

  Song Zhanjiang emphasized that Qingshan Binjiang Business District Phase I and 39th Avenue are key gateway projects. All participating units must take serious measures to ensure construction quality. They must especially guarantee safe and civilized construction during the high temperature season and spare no efforts to forge landmark construction sites and branded projects. While examining the onsite construction conditions, Song Zhanjiang also sharply focused on the working and living conditions of young employees in the projects, actively opened his heart to the college students newly recruited this year and encouraged them to grasp opportunities to struggle, grow fast by virtue of good platforms and contribute to enterprise development.

  Afterwards, Song Zhanjiang and his delegation visited the Steel Structure Company’s Yangluo Production Base and extended cordial greetings to the workshop’s front line employees. In the manufacturing workshop, Song Zhanjiang earnestly viewed and emulated the steel structure fitting, welding, assembly and all other construction processes, and carefully listened to the Steel Structure Company’s reports on construction production, project management, development planning and other aspects. He then required the Steel Structure Company to make overall plans and take all factors into consideration concerning opening up the market outside and internal control management, focus on ‘Using EPC Projects to Drive Steel Structure Manufacturing’ in carrying out marketing, promote productivity per worker, promote enterprise development quality, solidly drive the ‘Two Items of Capital’ liquidation work, take effective measures and guarantee that all enterprise benefits will return to storage.