MCC19 Delivers Cool and Refreshing Goods to Front Line
CopyFrom: Date:24 July 2017
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  Since July, the Chengdu region has experienced continuous high-temperature weather. On July 21st, the last day of the first dog-days, in order to guarantee the physical and mental health of the front line employees, MCC19 Party Committee Secretary and President Tian Ye and his delegation took heatstroke prevention articles and went deep into the project construction site in Tianfu New District to deliver cool and refreshing goods and their concern and gratitude to the employees struggling on the front line.

  Tian Ye and his delegation successively arrived at the MCC Tianfu Mansion Project and Tongzhou Road Phase II project, personally distributed alkaline mineral water, JDB, mung beans, white granulated sugar and other sunstroke prevention goods, as well as ageratum-liquid, Rendan mini-pills, honeysuckle flower distillate, Fengyoujing and other sunstroke prevention drugs to the front line employees, and thanked them for sticking to their posts, working hard and contributing to the company’s development under such high-temperature weather. He repeatedly urged them to rest well, combine exertion with rest, take effective sunstroke prevention and flood prevention measures, make reasonable arrangements and guarantee both quality and quantity, thereby completing the construction tasks under high temperatures and during the flood season while being safe at their posts during such disadvantageous weather conditions as the current heatwave and rainstorms. Upon hearing the greetings and praise of the leaders, the employees expressed gratitude for the Company’s care and concern, and said that they would work harder, guarantee their own safety, abide by the rules and regulations, and make more contributions to the smooth promotion of their respective projects. Afterwards, Tian Ye and his delegation also made an on-the-spot survey of the project sites under construction and asked in detail about their work schedules, quality control, safety management and other relevant conditions.

  Before leaving, Tian Ye once again emphasized the importance of taking heatstroke prevention seriously and guaranteeing the effective safety management work of the onsite management personnel. He pointed out that the current days are dog days and high temperatures in excess of 30°C are continuing in the Chengdu region, which is presenting outdoor operating personnel with severe challenges. In addition, thunderstorms, hailstorms and other severe weather conditions frequently occur in summer, creating potential safety hazards for project construction. Each project department must take countermeasures, practically implement their entity responsibilities, put prevention first, integrate prevention and treatment, fully complete the preparation work of emergency rescue operations, guarantee the physical and psychological health of the employees, resolutely put an end to safety accidents and smoothly advance the progress of the projects.