MCC20 Holds ‘Energy-Saving, Green and Healthy’ Employee Table Tennis Competition
CopyFrom:MCC Date:30 June 2017
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  On June 16th, in order to widely publicize the concepts of ‘energy-saving’, ‘environmental’ and ‘green construction’, intensify awareness of ‘energy conservation with me, green and sharing’, better promote the carrying out of the 2017 Nationwide Energy Conservation Publicity Week and Nationwide Low Carbon Day Activity, and create a positive, low-carbon and healthy lifestyle, the MCC20 Group held an employee table tennis competition activity themed ‘Energy-saving, Green and Healthy’.

  This competition received a positive response from the employees, and 16 units and 77 players eventually participated. A total of three events were organized: the men’s singles, women’s singles and men’s doubles. The matches were exciting with one climax after another. On the racecourse, all the players were full of high spirits and energy, their enthusiasm running wild. They successively rode their hobbyhorses to duke it out, which manifested a bullheaded struggling spirit and positive teamwork consciousness, and gave full play to a relatively high sports competition level. During the matches, with simmering souls, the contestants sweated profusely and tried their best to draw on their own highest competitiveness with pen-hold grips, topspin lifts, quick flicks and smashes… The players sometimes stepped forward to chop and sometimes leaned to one side to lift the ball. They sometimes bent down to chop and sometimes struggled to smash. Their superb table tennis skills completely won over the audience beside the court, and each splendid moment inspired applause.

  The whole process of the competition was constantly permeated with the sporting spirit of ‘Friendship First, Competition Second - Solidarity in Cooperation and Struggling to Keep Forging Ahead’. After a series of intense matches, Feng Ming, Chang Yonghai and Li Wenguo respectively won the top three places in the men’s singles; Gao Guannan, Lin Yuqing, and Ji Hongxia respectively won the top three places in the women’s singles; and the partners Feng Ming and Chen Hong, Wu Yunwei and Li Wenguo, and Liu Guangquan and Meng Fanlei respectively won the top three places in the men’s doubles.

  Holding this table tennis competition activity provided an opportunity for mutual communication and learning by exchanging views and table tennis skills, and a stage on which the contestants could show themselves and seek continual growth. In the process of enriching and animating the spare-time culture lives of the staff, the energy-saving, environmental protection and green construction consciousness and participation spirit of ‘energy conservation with me, green and sharing’ among the employees was raised, playing a positive role in creating a good atmosphere of ‘healthy and positive, united and harmonious, and brave enough to be the first’.