MCC2 Youth League Committee Organizes Cycling Activity to Greet 96th Anniversary of Party Establishment
CopyFrom:MCC Date:30 June 2017
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  On June 17th, jointly hosted by the MCC2 Group and Pipeline Company, a cycling activity themed ‘Keeping the Original Intention in Mind while Keeping on Moving’ was held as scheduled, and its various contents were successfully accomplished.

  This activity was held to greet the 96th anniversary of the Party’s establishment, further stimulate the vitality of all the employees and guide Party members, activists and youth employees to become positively devoted to the Company’s work of deepening reform and quickening transformation development. With happy laughter and cheerful voices, a team of over 80 people cycled from the office building of the MCC2 Headquarters to Xiaobaihe Wetland Park. With ebullient smiling faces and happy and melodious songs, the team members helped each other in solidarity and cooperation, creating bright scenery along the way.

  At Xiaobaihe Wetland Park, the Company also organized ‘sharing the passage of the heart’, ‘eye to eye’ and other activities. In particular, during the talent show, one classic song after another won universal praise and one exquisite and fair-sounding melody after another pushed the whole activity to a climax.

  This cycling activity was one of MCC2’s series of activities for 2017. It was successfully carried out to show the good spirits of MCC2’s youths while once again promoting the cohesion of the Company’s youth staff members and powerfully promoting the in-depth development of all jobs.