CRIBC Comprehensively Promotes Family Doctors’ Community Services
CopyFrom:MCC Date:22 June 2017
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  Since June 19th, the CRIBC Metallurgical Construction Community Public Health Station began to comprehensively promote the ‘home sick-bed service’ activity with home sick-beds as the entry point.

  This service includes electrocardiogram, urine routines, blood routine examinations, stool routines, dried rapid blood sugar, popular blood pressure testing by traditional Chinese medicine doctors, consultancy and other items. As Community Station Director Feng explained, the ‘home sick-bed service’ activity was well received and its progress was very smooth. For bed-ridden patients with chronic diseases, tumors, fractures, etc. who cannot take care of themselves and require a long period of hospitalization and care, the ‘home sick-bed service’ is an inexorable trend of development and also the best choice.

  In the future, the CRIBC Community Public Health Station will gradually expand the coverage of its ‘home sick-bed service’ activity, gradually perfect the service contents, further promote the comprehensiveness and accessibility of the services, and strive to put the ‘home sick-bed service’ more fully into practice.