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CCTEC Engineering Co., Ltd.
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CCTEC Engineering Co., Ltd. (CCTEC) is one of the subsidiaries of China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC Group).

MCC Group is a state-owned large conglomerate company, with total assets of more than 60 billion yuan (US$ 7.7 billon). It employs a total of 45,000 professional people and has a full or partial ownership in almost 70 subsidiaries. It has been growing at over 30 percent annually since 1999, and achieved a record revenue of 69.1 billion yuan (US$ 8.8 billon) in 2005. MCC is currently China’s 39th largest company and the 27th largest in its sector globally.

Since its entry into the construction of metallurgical, infrastructural facilities and other industrial projects, MCC has established a worldwide reputation as a reliable builder. MCC has built most of China’s steel production bases for the top Chinese steel companies such as Baosteel, Angang, WISCO, Panzhuhua Steel, etc. In overseas investment, MCC has relied on advanced technology, low cost and reliability to expand its international market for metallurgical technology and equipment. Besides its existing overseas market such as Asia and Africa, MCC has also started to build a reputation in the countries of South America and Oceania.

On May 8, 2006, MCC was renamed from China Metallurgical Construction (Group) Corporation to China Metallurgical Group Corporation. This signifies the transformation of the group’s structure from only traditional engineering contracting to a combination of four main business areas - EPC Contract, Resources Development, Equipment Fabrication and Real Estate Development.

As one of the subsidiaries of MCC Group, CCTEC was initiated in December, 2001 by reorganizing the excellent technical resources of MCC Group with the intention of being a leader in China’s metallurgical technologies, especially in the fields of Continuous Casting and Strip Processing. Since then, CCTEC has been the only specialized engineering company for Casting Technology in MCC Group. With the head office located in Wuhan, Hubei Province in the center of China, CCTEC established three branch offices in Beijing,Shanghai and Ma’anshan.

Now CCTEC is a leading Continuous Caster supplier in Chinese Market. From 2001 till 2006, CCTEC has supplied over 80 sets, with over 300 strands of continuous casters including Billet Caster, Bloom/Beam Blank Caster and Slab Caster, most of them are on turnkey base. CCTEC also provides Strip Processing Lines range from Pickling Line to Skin-Pass Mill, Continuous Galvanizing Line, Color Coating Line and Recoiling Line. As an engineering company, CCTEC has not only the capability of designing but also manufacturing. The mechanical and electrical manufactories make it possible to delivery the reliable equipment to customers on schedule with competitive price.


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