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The 3rd China Metallurgical Construction Corporation
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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China 3rd Metallurgical Construction Corporation (3MCC) is a state-run construction conglomerate. Its professional qualifications are:
· Grade A qualifications for general steel project contraction.
· Grade A qualifications for general housing construction project contraction,
· Grade A qualifications for general mining engineering contraction,
· Grade B qualifications for general municipal services public engineering contraction,
· Grade B qualifications for electro-mechanical installation works contraction
· Grade A qualifications for specialized steel structural project contraction,
· Grade A qualifications for specialized furnace project contraction,
· Grade A qualifications for specialized steel electro-mechanical installation works contraction,
· Grade B qualifications for specialized towering structures project contraction,
· Grade B qualifications for specialized plumbing contraction.

3MCC can operate directly in the overseas market and has passed ISO9001, the international standard quality system certification of 2000 series. The corporation is based in Anshan, Liaoning Province.
Founded in 1952, 3MCC is one of the first large construction enterprises established in the new China. It constructed the Large Steel Rolling Plant of Anshan I&S Works, Seamless Pipes Factory, and Seventh Blast Furnace, collectively known throughout the country as the “3 Big Projects”. This was followed by basic construction and technical transform projects for more than ten metallurgical works, including Anshan I&S Works, Benxi I&S Works, Shoudu I&S Works, Jiuquan I&S Works, Fushun I&S Works, Xiangtan I&S Works, and Shuicheng I&S Works. The production capacity takes 1/3 of the whole country.
3MCC is known as “the cradle of metallurgical construction“. In response to the changing market economy, the corporation was restructured.  It also opened up to potential construction markets across industries and across regions after the 1980s.
3MCC has constructed large and medium projects covering metallurgy, mechanism, electronics, chemical industry, oil industry, power generation and distribution, structural steel industry, traffic, light industry, textile industry, war industry, environmental protection, and urban construction etc. These are found in more than 20 provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government, as well as over 60 sites in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.
Since 1983, 3MCC has received more than 160 awards for excellent construction from the national and provincial governments or ministerial institutions.  It was also elevated as AAA-level reputation enterprise and “faithful and reliable” unit in the following years. It was recognized as an advanced construction enterprise by ministerial institutions and provincial governments, and received the construction enterprise management prize from the State Planning Commission.
Installation and construction product are the principal concerns of the industry.
In the meanwhile, 3MCC has expanded its business coverage in the industry with the formation of 15 specialized companies and controlled subsidiaries. It has a multi-disciplined construction team of highly trained professional, offers a complete line of service for the industry, uses advanced techniques, and possesses equipment needed in all aspects of construction.  It employs 4,943 specialized technical and managerial employees, and construction installation manufacture workers doing 135 types of production work.
Its total asset is RMB 1652 million Yuan and has an equipment inventory of 2472 items.  It has a power equipment rate of 8.19 KW per employee and a technical equipment rate of RMB 12372 Yuan per person. The gross sales of 3MCC can reach over RMB 2.5 billion.
3MCC provides the following products and services:
· Geo-technical engineering construction at home and abroad,
· Industrial and civil construction and fitting up engineering,
· Rock and earthwork excavation,
· Civil construction,
· Furnace building,
· Equipment installation,
· Electric installation and debugging,
· Steel structure fabrication and installation,
· Concrete fabrication, concrete components fabrication and installation,
· Gas cabinet, cylinder, and framework fabrication and installation,
· Traffic project construction covering high-level roads, bridges, airports, railways, etc.
· Finishing / decoration projects,
· Vertical transportation and operation, horizontal transportation,
· Mechanism manufacture processing and repairing,
· Engineering design for industrial and civil infrastructures,
· Technological design and technical services,
· Food and drink, and entertainment services, and
· Industrial products including spiral welded pipes of different bore sizes, non-standard equipment, cold-rolled deformed bars, forged precision metallic components technology and steel sections.

3MCC has formed its own unique technology advantage by combining its over 50 years’ technology and managerial experience with contemporary science and technology findings both in China and abroad. Some of the technologies are not only the best in China, but have also achieved or exceeded international standards.
As a pilot enterprise of modernized enterprise systems by the Ministry of Construction, 3MCC has a management system that places high regard for “quality, time for completion, and service“.  It focuses on project management, and market exploitation system that can set up a joint system with geo-technical survey and exploration, engineering design, and research unit. The system was formed through reforms in system organization and managerial mechanism, changes in industry structure, and access to both market and management. The enterprise has entered into a new phase in its history.
3MCC adheres to the principle of “Being the best in the industry and the first in engineering quality and total services offered. It strives to obtain its goals of “Doing one project, making many friends, setting up one’s reputation, creating works that are worth remembering, and seizing part of the market“. With these as guides, 3MCC will continue to serve the construction industry at home and abroad wholeheartedly.

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