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The 22nd China Metallurgical Construction Corporation
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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China’s 22nd Metallurgical Construction Corporation (22MCC) is a state-run construction conglomerate with nearly 50 years’ history of development in the fields of industrial and civil engineering.
A company of the China Metallurgical Construction Group Corporation, 22MCC’s construction projects include housing, steel, and steel structural projects, electro-mechanical installation works, stove project, plumbing, and municipal services. 22MCC is authorized to conduct economic and technology cooperation projects abroad, contract overseas projects and participate in international bid projects.
22MCC’s human resources are specialists in various fields.  Combined with its advanced technology and well-equipped work areas, it produces a variety of specialized products and services. There are 11,000 employees including 2,749 middle ranking and top-level technical officers and 2358 skilled workers doing specialized tasks.
There are 10 specialized engineering companies under 22MCC. The corporation has a large, fully equipped manufacturing facility, one of the biggest in Northern China, which produces steel structural products for industrial and civil infrastructures. It is equally highly capable of conducting geo-technical survey and exploration, researching and designing mechanical equipment of all kinds to meet the needs of today’s construction industry.
22MCC adheres to the vision of “Considering customer satisfaction as an honor, and taking the satisfactory of the customers as the honor, and taking the growth of enterprise as the root”. Since the 1950s, 22MCC has successfully undertaken various state and local engineering projects including some internal and external industrial and civil infrastructure projects. These projects have been well appreciated all over China.
Since 1985, 22MCC has received more than 70 awards for excellence in construction from the provincial government or ministerial institutions, and over 50 silver medals from ministerial institutions. The corporation was twice awarded the coveted Lu Ban Prize for its construction of the 1260m3 Blast Furnace and Rod Production Line Project in Tangshan I&S Plant, and the Medium-sized Section Steel Project in Laiyang I&S Works.

Other recognition and awards bestowed on 22MCC are:
· Named as a faithful and reliable enterprise by Hebei Province Government for 5 consecutive years and by the Tangshan City Government for 12 years
· Received the national “faithful and reliable” enterprise award in 2002.
· Obtained ISO9002 Quality System Certification from China Quality Association in 1998 and the Environment and Occupational Safe and Healthy Administration Certification,
· Was the first to achieve “Three Standards”
· Awarded several times such titles as “National Excellent Construction Enterprise“, “National Important Technical Equipment Achievement Prize“, “National Construction Project Enterprise of Famous Brand“, and “Technology Progressive Prize” among others
· Gained the “May 1“ labor honorary credential in 2002 and elevated to AAA-level reputation unit of China’s construction system enterprises by China Credibility and Reputation Evaluation Center.