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Beijing Research Institute of Metallurgical Equipment, MCC Group
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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Legal Representative: Sun Song Qi
Address: 2 Anwaisheng Guzhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Zip Code: 100029  Beijing 9821 Post Box
Telephone: 010-64439911
Fax:       010-64418694
E_mail:   brime@mcc.com.cn
Beijing Research Institute of Metallurgical Equipment (BRIME) of the MCC Group is a comprehensive research and design institute which covers business matters integrated with design and construction, construction engineering design and decoration / finishing, engineering consulting services, general engineering contracts, R&D, complete plant and spare parts and is the sole accredited sub-contractor of the MCC Group to supply equipment for the Group’s contracted construction projects.
★:BRIME’s qualifications:
(1)Grade A qualifications for construction design;
(2)Grade A qualifications for engineering bid tendering;
(3)Grade B qualifications for steel projects engineering design;
(4)Grade B qualifications for engineering consultation;
(5)Third party Notary Public for quality metallurgical, electrical and mechanical products.

★  The following organizations are affiliated with or located within BRIME:
(1)Technical Center of MCC Group
(2)Equipment Technology Center of MCC Group
(3)Metallurgical Machinery & Electrical Standardization Techniques Commission
(4)Acceptance Lab of National Commodity Inspection Administration for Metallurgical Machinery & Electrical Products
(5)Quality Supervision and Test Center for Metallurgical Machinery & Electrical Products
(6) “M.M.I. Productivity Promotion Center” warranted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China
(7)Continuous Casting Equipment Commission of Chinese Society for Metals
(8)Machinery Manufacture Commission of Chinese Society for Metals
(9)Steel-making Equipment Commission of Chinese Society for Metals
(10)Metallurgical Equipment Commission of Beijing Society for Metals
Beijing Research Institute of Metallurgical Equipment of the MCC Group, a large state-owned science and technology enterprise group, was founded in 1978. The corporation has a total of 542 employees with a lot of experienced and well-educated experts. Among them are 6 experts qualified for the government bonus, 156 senior engineers (18 of professor level), 114 engineers and 62 assistant engineers. Subsidiaries of the corporation include: MCC Equipment and Technology Complete Plant General Corporation, Steel Rolling Business Department, Engineering Business Department, Smelting Engineering Department, Jiuquan I&S Division, Automation Lab, Information Technology Lab, Light Industry Machinery Lab, Computer Center and the “Metallurgical Equipment” Journal. In compliance with MCC’s integrated plan of “adjusting the structure, integrating resources and recomposing assets”, the Engineering Design Institute of the 20th MCC and North China Metallurgical Equipment Plant were transferred into our jurisdiction. The business scope of the institute covers: R&D of metallurgical equipment, engineering design, engineering general contracts, trade of complete plant, manufacture of machinery, project consultation, construction supervision services and technical operation services. Authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the institute possesses the right to import and export technical products.
In the area of metallurgy, the institute successfully developed and put into production the mini-rolling line with high-tensile rolling machine, shearing machine and high-end cooling bed core technology; electrical galvanizing line with new galvanizing sink, rust & corrosion-resistant conductive roll core technology; cold-rolled strip & bar production line with Y-model rolling machine and straightening machine core technology; complete plant for BF operations with gas sampler, pneumatic lift, gum, open-hearth machine core technology; smelt iron pre-treatment process with de-slugging machine core technology; and longlasting refurbishing technologies for metallurgical kilns and furnaces with blast furnace, electric furnace, converter, RH insertions and robot for overhaul at the intermediate con-cast package as core technology. All these technologies are extensively applied in the metallurgical industry. In the past years, the institute has undertaken thousands of engineering design projects in a variety of industries, including major projects both in China and abroad, such as Baosteel, Lanyang I&S Worksand Sanming I&S Works, etc. The institue has garnered a total of 140 scientific research achievement prizes, 61 prizes awarded by government organizations equal or above the Ministry level and has acquired 46 national patents.
In the field of construction, the institute excels in engineering construction design and planning services for industrial and civil buildings and so far has accomplished engineering designs for a series of projects including auxiliary facilities of Shanghai Baosteel, Shanghai municipal utility and residence community, large steel structural industrial plants, high-rise office buildings, integrated buildings of large industrial bases, cultural and recreation facilities and building blocks, with a total construction floor area of 2.6 million square meters distributed among eight provinces and one municipality.
In manufacturing, the institute owns factories for steel casting, iron casting, forging, metallic structure, mechanical fabrication, carpentry-molding and heat treatment, with a total metal fabrication capacity of 5,000 tons/year and steel structure fabrication capacity of 10,000 tons/year. Having established its flagship products based on the three product series of metallurgical equipment, recreation equipment and large steel structures, the institute persists in entering other industry markets and has accomplished a multi-ended production mode where traditional and newly developed products, hi-tech and low technique-attached-value products complement and support each other.
The institute’s principle on quality is: exert superiority in scientific research, rely on technological innovations, and pursue first grade quality to satisfy the requirements of customers.
The institute pursues diversified strategy for development, abiding by the company tenet of new ideas for development, new breakthroughs in reform, new situations for opening-up, new procedures for processes, closely follow the latest progress in the world’s metallurgical technology, serve customers with hi-tech products of excellent quality and service, and make continuous progress in market competitions.