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Shenyang Geo-technical Research Institute, MCC Group
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Shenyang Geo-technical Research Institute of MCC Group (formerly known as Shenyang Geo-technical Research Institute of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry) was established in April 1956. With its overall strength, it was among the “Top 100 Enterprises In Geo-technical Survey, Exploration and Design”. In addition, it was acclaimed as the “Advanced Geo-technical Engineering Survey and Exploration” and “Best in Mapping Quality” in the country. It holds a comprehensive Class A engineering certificate in geo-technical survey and exploration, Class A Mapping Qualification Certificate, First Grade Certificate for Professional Contracting for Groundsill and Groundwork Engineering, Second Grade Certificate for Professional Contractor of Earth and Stone Projects, Second Grade Certificate for Professional Contractor of Demolition and Blasting Projects, Special Professional Contractor Qualification and Class A Engineering & Consultation Certificate. In 1999, it was awarded with the international certification of GB/T19001-1994—ISO9001:1994 for quality management and has been licensed to conduct international business.
On the 12th of December 2004, the research institute was transformed into the Shenyang Geo-technical Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd. of MCC Group after the restructuring and reorganization of the different departments. Our company has a total of 163 employees and is mainly responsible for solving historical issues and developing multiple management schemes.
We have strong business standing and exceptional creditworthiness. In line with our vision, we strive to abide by our “Customer First” policy. We look forward to harmonious cooperation with our clients in working towards a resplendent future.
Legal person: Wang Guiying 
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