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MCC Huatian Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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MCC Huatian Engineering Technology Co., Ltd (MCC Huatian) is a corporation that was founded on the basis of successful system reforms in MCC Ma’anshan I&S Engineering General Institute. Today, MCC Huatian is an international engineering technology company.
It was founded and registered in Ma’anshan Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province on July 1, 2004.  The premium assets of the MCC Ma’anshan Institute was integrated into MCC Huatian and MCC was its initiator.
Its stock ownership is complex. MCC is the major stockholder with the Company’s leadership and key staffs, Ma’anshan Zhongyuan Construction Investment Consulting and Management Co., Ltd, Hanzhou I&S (Group) Co., Ltd, Shan’xi Air Blower (Group) Co., Ltd, Xi’an Metallurgical Mechanical Co., Ltd, Beijing Sainengjie New High-Tech Co., Ltd, and Beijing MCC Hekun Erosion Protection Engineering Co., Ltd having equity participation.
MCC Huatian is a modern enterprise that claims premium assets and transparent property rights. With management done scientifically, it is very competitive in the market. Its forerunner, Ma’anshan Institute, had achieved a great success since its foundation. Over 400 experimental investigations and nearly 4000 technologies and services have been completed, covering engineering consulting at home and abroad, engineering design, engineering supervision, environmental appraisal, general engineering contraction, engineering management, and equipment supply. It owns over 30 national patents and has received over 300 awards for its excellent performance in engineering, and scientific and technical progress from the provincial, ministerial and national levels.
The company has greatly contributed to the development of China’s iron and steel industry. Among the honors that Ma’anshan Institute received are: “Enterprise Honoring Contracts and Standing by Reputation in China”; “Top 100 China’s Surveying and Engineering Enterprises by Expertise and Business Revenue”; and “Enterprise with AAA Credit in Anhui Construction Bank’s Category.” MCC Huatian is a Certified Enterprise for ISO9001: 2000 Standard. Excellent performance, expertise plus a contemporary enterprise management system have enabled MCC Huatian to become very competitive in the industry.
MCC Huatian was the beneficiary of Ma’anshan Institute’s total assets after the system reform. The company has a bright future as it lives by the principle of “Build the first-rate brand enterprise with first-rate system, first-rate talents and first-rate service.” It aims to improve its standard in the light of market competition and globalization, following a client-centered and innovative principle. MCC Huatian will provide specialized services and boost its performance, making it to be a superior general engineering contractor in the global market. It is ready to establish total cooperation with clients from China and abroad to realize a win-win strategy for all.