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North China Metallurgical Construction Corporation
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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Established in 1966, North China Metallurgical Construction Corporation (NCMCC) is affiliated to MCC Group. NCMCC is a large-scale construction corporation that offers a wide range of services. It has Grade A qualification for general engineering contraction of steel project, housing construction project, mining project, electro-mechanical installation works, road works, and public municipal works, as well as other professional qualifications for contraction of steel structural project, thermopower installation works, rock and earthwork works, tunnel project, towering structure project, and building decoration project. Its annual construction capacity is over RMB 2.5 billion yuan. The corporation has been certified for quality, environmental, and vocational safety as well as for health management system.

The corporation has a total asset of RMB 1.3 billion yuan and a registered capital of RMB 0.154 billion yuan.  It has 4316 sets of construction equipment, five construction engineering companies (branches), one electro-mechanical installation company, three mining construction companies, two roads & bridges project offices, and one first-class designing institute.  Other manufacturing factories that are under NCMCC include building material factory, cement factory, South China Furniture Co. Ltd., and Humen Skyscraping Building Material Company. In the 30 years since its establishment, the corporation has constructed more than 300 large- and medium-sized projects in over 20 sites, both in China and overseas, thus, accomplishing many national and provincial projects of high quality.  Among its human resources, NCMCC employs 3200 technical professional certificate holders.

For 20 consecutive years, the corporation was recognized as the “Credible Corporation” in Hebei province, and named the “National Credible Corporation” by State Administration for Industry & Commerce.  China Construction Bank elevated the corporation’s status to AAA credit rating for several years, and awarded it the honorable titles of “National Excellent Construction Corporation” and “National Advanced Group of Safe Construction”.

In metallurgical construction, NCMCC undertook the construction of sintering machine, pelletizing machine, blast furnace, converter, hot-roll, cold-rolled pickling galvanizing line, wire production line, and rod production line in Anshan I&S Works, Xingtai I&S Works, Capital I&S Works, Wuhan I&S Works, Tianjin I&S Works, Taiyuan I&S Works, Haixin I&S Works, and Changzhi I&S Works, among others. At present, the 500-t palletizing project being constructed in Wuhan I&S Works is the biggest palletizing project in Asia.

For steel structure construction, the corporation owns four large-scale steel structure processing factories and one 250-t crane, three 150-t cranes, with over 50,000 tpa  of steel structural fabrication, erection, and construction capacity. It has successively built about 20 large steel structure industrial plants for metallurgy, automobile, electronics, and municipal works.  NCMCC only spent six months constructing the 2.5 million tpa continuous sheet casting and rolling mill in Handan I&S Works, with a construction area of 64,000 m2, and a steel structure gross weight of 12,000 tons.  This project won the silver medal of national quality projects.

In thermopower engineering construction, the corporation established the designing ability of small- and medium-sized electrical power plants and the general engineering contraction capacity, thereby, gaining rich experience in those aspects. The corporation has altogether designed over 300 small- and medium-sized electrical power plants, with 200,000 kw of generating set.  It also designed, implemented, and generally contracted over a dozen electrical power plants.

For civil building construction, NCMCC has successively completed dozens of high-rise building and megastructures in Hebei, Shandong, Tianjin, Beijing, Hainan, Guangdong, etc., It also built projects like city plazas, flyovers, water supply projects, sewerage treatment plants, and gymnasiums – projects that are highly commended in all circles.

With total investment of about RMB 1 billion yuan, and 142,000 m2 of construction areas, 31,700 tons of steel structure, and 109,400 m3 of concrete, Dalian World Exhibition Plaza (Phase 2), which required complicated techniques, is one of the nation’s biggest exhibition centers. Through careful organization and systematic construction, NCMCC was able to complete the project 14 months earlier than the target date for completion, a time period that was much less than the construction period of similar exhibition centers in China.

In mine construction, NCMCC’s construction techniques and capacity is one of the most advanced in the China. The company has successfully undertaken over 90 mining projects for metallurgy, chemicals, nonferrous metal, gold, and nonmetal resources across the country and overseas; delivered 122 mining shaft, with a total length of 39,000 meters; done 500,000 meters of tunneling work; and dug 26 million m3 of open-cast mine excavation. On April 16, 2002, for the deep excavation done in Heigou Mining area of Gansu province at an altitude of 3934 meters, the amount of explosives used was 1153 t, and the mining excavation yielded about 1.21 million m3 of materials, setting new records in terms of altitude, amount of filling, and demolition in domestic metallurgical mines.

In April 2003, the corporation used mechanized operation in the construction of lead-zinc mine slope in the tin-rich mountain of Qinghai, and tunneled 221.12 m within one month, setting a new record for construction speed per month in domestic slope construction. In October 2004, in the construction of Beipiao Baoguo iron ore of Liaoning Lingyuan I&S Works, the corporation again made a new record in domestic well construction in metallurgic mines of 112 m of mining shaft in one month.

In roads & bridges construction, we have constructed 30 provincial roads & bridges projects in Shanxi, Hebei, Fujian, Jilin, Liaoning, Hubei, Shandong, and Chongqing. Of these, the Beiru Tunnel of Taijiu freeway was awarded the national “Luban Prize” while the 308-highway Weiyun River Bridge, with 813 m total length and 54 m span, was awarded the honorable title of Quality Project of Ministry of Communications.