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Anshan Coke & Refractory Engineering Co., Ltd., MCC
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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Anshan Coke & Refractory Engineering Co., Ltd., MCC (ACRE) is the renewed and re-organized Anshan Coke & Refractory Engineering Research Institute of China Metallurgical Engineering Group. With its technical engineering expertise, its main business deals with general engineering contraction. At the same time, being a large international engineering company, it is also very active in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). It has sound corporate management structure and transacts business following international standards. To deal with its wide range of businesses, it is equipped with modern facilities and applies scientific project management.
At present, ACRE ranks first globally in terms of human resources, sales per annum and number of coke furnaces designed each year.
ACRE is very focused on project management. Scientific and effective project management is adopted and carried throughout the entire project development process, from the conceptualization, decision making, financing, organization and execution to the assessment following project completion. Since the beginning, ACRE has been striving to improve both the economic and social benefits of its projects.
Over the years, ACRE has established technical communication and cooperation with dozens of companies in more than 20 countries and regions. Consequently, powerful partnerships have been built with these countries, which include Germany, USA, England, Japan, France and Austria. ACRE has since participated in the joint designs of a number of international projects.
ACRE is blessed with a strong technical team, well representing various specializations. Its human resources consist of over 800 technical employees, including 69 senior engineers of professorial equivalence, 459 senior engineers and 179 engineers. The technical team is well received at home and abroad, and trusted to give sound expert advice in coking, refractory materials and EPC of municipal fuel gas engineering.
ACRE always prioritizes the comprehensive economic benefits of its projects and is well prepared to serve its clients at home and abroad with its superior technology, high quality service and EPC capacity.