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The 1st China Metallurgical Construction Corporation
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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The First China Metallurgical Construction Corporation (hereinafter referred to as FCMCC) is a large construction enterprise. It is a certified Grade A general engineering contractor devoted to metallurgical construction, housing construction, municipal utility construction and installation of electrical and mechanical works. Founded in 1954, FCMCC engages a total of 9,000 employees including 3,587 various certified technical professionals, with 440 senior and 1,492 medium-level certified professionals. FCMCC has total assets of around RMB 2 billion, owning 2,015 sets of various mechanical equipments having a total power consumption of 37,993.5 kilowatts. It has put in place a comprehensive quality assurance system using various sophisticated measurement and testing methods. Consequently, it passed the ISO9002-1994 quality standard audit in 1996, well ahead of all large metallurgical construction enterprises in China. FCMCC possesses the complex capabilities and experiences in handling contracts involving large scale systematic construction projects, including large metallurgical construction, high-rise buildings, mechanical engineering, electronics, power supply, petroleum, chemistry, textiles, transportation, communication and building materials. It has completed numerous construction projects in locations spreading over 26 provinces, cities and municipalities in China as well as dozens of countries and regions overseas.
Since its foundation, FCMCC has taken on the task of building China’s major steel industry. In the 50’s, FCMCC completed phase 1 of the construction of Wuhan I&S Works, which included the entire process from mining and coking to smelting and steel rolling, as well as their entire utility facilities. In the 60’s, while still involved in the construction of Wuhan I&S Works, FCMCC finished the construction of the Maanshan Wheel Strake Plant, which is acclaimed by the people as “a flower south of the Yangtze River’. In the 70’s, FCMCC undertook the “double four hundred” expansion construction project of Wuhan I&S Works, successively completing construction of the No.4 blast furnace, the cold rolling plant and the 2nd Steel Plant of Wuhan I&S Works. At the same time, it participated in the campaign of the construction of the 1,700mm Rolling Mill Project of Wuhan I&S Works. In recent years, FCMCC completed the construction of Wuhan I&S Works’ new No.3 blast furnace, an integration of the world’s advanced technologies and instruments; the high-speed wire production line; the 3rd Steel Plant; as well as the expansion project of the Silicon Steel Plant of Wuhan I&S Works. It has also completed the Seamless Pipe Works in Tianjin, 170 Seamless Pipe Works in Daye, the Con-cast and Roll Project of Handan I&S Works, as well as a series of other state-level key metallurgical construction projects. Concurrently, FCMCC entered into contracts for the construction of dozens of new or expansion steel plant projects in locations such as Xiangtan, Handan, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Anyang, Xinyang, Jiuqian, Nanjing, Qingdao, Jinan, Shanghai, Fuzhou, etc, thereby making tremendous contributions to the national steel industry.