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The 20th China Metallurgical Construction Corporation
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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The 20th China Metallurgical Construction Corporation is a fully owned subsidiary of the MCC Group. It has branches in provinces such as Tianjin, Ningbo and Hebei, as well as 7 other certified engineering branches and 10 administrative branches. The corporation employs 3,498 various certified technical professionals, among them are 341 senior engineers of professorial equivalence and those with advanced titles, and 1,103 employees with secondary titles. The corporation has 3,775 sets of construction machinery. As a general engineering contractor, it has Grade A certification for steel projects, housing projects, public municipal works and installation of electrical and mechanical facilities; Grade A qualifications for ground and basic works, steel structure works, kiln works, and installation of electrical and mechanical facilities; as well as Grade B qualifications for contracting pre-mixed commercial concrete works. The company is also licensed to contract overseas projects.
In recent years, the 20th China Metallurgical Construction Corporation has successfully completed various national and provincial key construction projects such as Baosteel Group’s “The Tenth Five-Year Plan” project, as well as other works involving metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical, electricity, textile, transportation, and civil projects. It is one of the China Construction Corporations with AAA credit rating, and it has been repeatedly awarded as one of the National 500 Largest Construction Corporations. Twice, it has won the prize of National Construction Corporation with Excellent Management and awarded the honorable recognition as Shanghai’s Excellent Construction Corporation. Among the projects it has undertaken, seven won the “Luban Prize” of National Construction Projects, two won gold medals of the National Quality Project, two won silver medals, one won the gold medal of the National Municipal Works, and 81 won the provincial quality prizes. The enterprise has once been conferred the Special-class Prize of National Scientific Progress, and has repeatedly won the first prize for provincial scientific progress. Twelve of its projects have set new records in this field for five consecutive years, consequently earning the corporation the title of “China’s Excellent Record-making Corporation”. In 2004, the 20th China Metallurgical Construction Corporation was awarded the “Central Advanced Group” and “Excellent Construction Corporation in the Metallurgical Construction Industry”, by the Ministry of Human Resources of PRC and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.
 The corporation was registered in Shanghai, with registered capital of RMB 308.86 million.
Corporation Deputy: Li Yong.
Address: No. 777, Pangu Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Postcode: 201900
Website: www.20mcc.com.cn
Email: Infocenter@20mcc.com.cn