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Central Research Institute of Building and Construction, MCC Group
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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Central Research Institute of Building and Construction, MCC Group (originally named Central Research Institute of Building and Construction of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry) was established in November of 1955. It was one of the general research institutions in the fields of national industrial construction and environmental protection. In July of 1999, it was transformed from a technological research undertaking into a technological enterprise, was incorporated into China Metallurgical Construction Group (MCC Group), and was renamed Central Research Institute of Building and Construction of the MCC Group. In October of 2002, it was registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, thereby acquiring its legal business license
The central institute encompasses 3 research institutes, 7 research academies, 3 research centers, 4 overseas branches, and 5 affiliated national construction centers and industry testing centers. The institute has been granted with the Certificate of the National Laboratory Certification Committee, Grade A Qualification for Construction Engineering Security Evaluation, Grade A Qualification for Construction Engineering Seismic Security Evaluation, Grade A Qualification for Environmental Compliance Evaluation, Qualification for Construction Engineering Quality Inspection, Qualification for Construction Steel Inspection, and Qualification for Internal Environment Inspection. It is one of the pioneers among the technological enterprises that were granted import and export rights by the government, and also one of the first institutes that offered Master’s degrees. The institute is in charge of 3 academic journals for domestic and overseas publication.
Central Research Institute of Building and Construction of the MCC Group adopts technological development as its motivation and experimental investigation and technological services as its energy. It puts focus on the promising construction contracting market of Beijing Metallurgical Construction Company. It has forged a technological enterprise that has seamlessly combined research-testing, inspection-design, industrialization and construction in such a way that each stage can compensate with one other to achieve harmonious development. The institute keeps ahead in the fields of technical support, including structural engineering, groundwork, construction evaluation, reinforcement and reconstruction, aseismatic measurement, environmental protection, synthetic utilization of resources, etc. Many experts, academic elites and graduate students have been educated here. The Central Research Institute is a core member of the MCC Group Technical Construction Center with 6 of the Group’s professional technological development bases set up within the institute.
For the past 50 years, the institute has garnered more than 2,000 prizes for technological research, including more than 500 prizes for contributing to technological advancement at the provincial and national levels. It has received 150 patents and complied with more than 200 national and industrial regulations. There are 3 national academies and associations and 22 secondary professional committees affiliated with the institute.
New technology and new products developed by the Central Research Institute have been applied widely in construction engineering, receiving prominent social benefits and favorable economic gains. The institute has always been a driving force for technological advancement in related industries alongside the trends of industrialization, engineering and globalization.