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Wuhan Research Institute of Metallurgical Construction, MCC Group
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Wuhan Research Institute of Metallurgical Construction, MCC (WRIMC), formerly known as the Wuhan Research Institute of Metallurgical Construction of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, is a comprehensive scientific research and development institution that focuses on in-depth technical research on industrial furnace engineering. The ISO/TC33-WC16, the National Technical Commission of Industrial Furnace Standards and the Professional Commission on Furnaces of the China Metal Academy are all established within the WRIMC. WRIMC is licensed for foreign trade, as granted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. In 1999, WRIMC was transformed from a purely scientific research organization into a scientific and technical enterprise, and consequently became a subsidiary of the MCC Group.
Founded in 1963, WRIMC’s current total assets are valued at RMB 50.16 million. It has a wealth of 186 employees including 125 professional technical certificate holders. These include 40 senior professional title holders, 15 engineers of professorial equivalence (12 not re-employed after retirement), 4 experts who are beneficiaries of the Special Government Allowance granted by the State Council, one doctorate student and 7 master degree holders. WRIMC has since built many research centers and departments. Among these are the research institute for industrial furnace engineering, the research institute for thermal energy engineering and design, the scientific research center, the design and testing center for furnace engineering technology and civil works, and a base for applied scientific research and hi-tech product manufacturing. In February 2002, WRIMC earned its ISO9001:2000 certification, enabling it to advance to a higher standard of quality management.
For more than 40 years, WRIMC has always aimed to be up-to-date with the latest technology in industrial furnace engineering research both globally and domestically. In as early as the 1970’s, WRIMC was the pioneer in learning the advanced technology from the Soviet Union and developed the legendary #701 gum. Since China’s opening up to the outside world, WRIMC, with its technical advantages, has often participated in scientific research on imported projects in metallurgy and non-ferrous metals. WRIMC’s full-scale engineering technology, invention and technical engineering of refractory materials have been applied in Wuhan Steel Works’ 1.7-Meter Rolling Mill, Baosteel, Wuhan Steel Works’ #4 silicon steel and Shanxi Aluminum Plant. Hence, WRIMC enjoys a reputation known all over the country. Some new products invented by WRIMC, such as the refractory slurry, carbon composite materials, pouring materials and spray-coating materials are unparalleled in China’s market, receiving favorable comments from experts at home and abroad. The accomplishments of WRIMC in the research of industrial furnaces and pyrology, from the water-free cool track-heating furnace in the 1970’s to the top-combustion hot-blast furnace in the 1980’s, have reached the top ranking in the country. Many scientific achievements of WRIMC have earned national patents and are very competitive in the market.
WRIMC’s Design Office holds a grade B license in metallurgy and construction engineering design. The forerunner of its Thermal Energy Design Office was the Furnace Thermal Study Office in 1984. WRIMC’s Design Office specializes in the research, design and engineering of metallurgical industrial furnaces. The Thermal Energy Design Office promotes scientific research and technical development of other furnaces while focusing on the key hot-blast furnace. This office adopts modern market-oriented scientific research system and abides by ISO standards in product quality management. Each employee’s creativity and enthusiasm is driven by economic incentives. 7 patents have been awarded and many more scientific research achievements have been made. Our most notable accomplishments are the High Efficiency Ceramic Burner for Hot-blast Furnaces and the Cold Blast Mixer for Hot-blast Furnaces, which are both widely used in steel manufacturing plants including Xinyu Steel Works, Taiyuan Steel Works, Ma’anshan Steel Works, Lengshuijiang Steel Plant, Handan Steel Plant and Anshan Steel Works. Through these, both the economic and social benefits are realized. These products are used together with imported products, which have shown similar level of performance in Taiyuan Steel Works, allowing our products to be well received in the market. The water reducing agent, successfully invented by WRIMC’s Civil Works Institute, is widely used in architecture, with a distinct advantage in foundation engineering.
Founded in 1963, WRIMC’s Testing Center is now a comprehensive testing institute that can independently carry out mandatory and arbitrary proof-tests in different categories, including refractory materials, metallurgical charging, ores, building materials and groundwork foundation. The Center’s operation is under the supervision of Hubei Provincial Technical Inspection Bureau. In March 1994, the Center received measure certification in the province. From 1996 to 2000, the Center has fully computerized its processes, from data sorting and storing to issuing of test reports. In January 2005, WRIMC received the “Certificate of China’s National Laboratories Certification Commission”. By acquiring more advanced equipment and instrumentation and broadening the scope of its test categories, WRIMC will improve its services in meeting the commodity inspection requirements at home and abroad.
Since its establishment, WRIMC has made over 100 scientific research achievements, winning over 40 prizes for scientific progress and research achievement at the national, ministerial and provincial levels; 2 national prizes for invention; and 9 patents for authorization. 28 brands in 10 series are listed in the National Plan for the Promotion of Key Scientific Achievements in the Ninth ‘Five-Year Plan’. Moreover, several research subjects are listed in the 2004 National Standard Completion and Revision Plan for Construction of the Ministry of Construction and in the 2004 Key Scientific and Technical Project Plan of Hubei Province. WRIMC will carry out two special scientific and technical development projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, ISO/WC13765, which is listed as the international standard. Two entries on industrial furnace standardization are listed in the national industrial regulation of the Ministry of Construction. WRIMC has compiled more than 40 standards and specifications for different types and levels, from the ministerial and provincial levels to the national level, and many other monographs. WRIMC is now ready and qualified for scientific research, design and general engineering contraction, and has built a manufacturing base for high technology products.
Thanks to WRIMC’s modern scientific research system, many research achievements and patented technology have been made available in the market. By adopting strict technical standards and practical manufacturing techniques, various refractory materials and building materials are becoming mass-produced and are exported to the international market, particularly in Southeast Asia, Africa and India. Moreover, we also make a great contribution to the domestic steel enterprises.
For more information on WRIMC, please feel free to visit our website at www.wrimc.cn

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