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MCC SHENKAN Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
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MCC Shenkan Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SKET) is a partially state-controlled scientific and technological enterprise restructured from the former Shenyang Geo-technical Survey and Exploration Research Institute through reorganizations and consolidations. As a technological engineering company with full legal status, modernized performance equipment and scientific methods in handling projects, SKET is devoted to multiple areas of business that cover surveying, design, research, consultation and construction contracting while taking techniques as its core strength and specializing in geo-technical engineering, making it an ultra-modern enterprise with a clearly defined major line of business, logical business structures and multiple business areas.
Shenyang Geo-technical Survey and Exploration Research Institute, the forerunner of SKET, was founded in 1956. For the past 50 years, SKET has fostered a large number of professional technicians of various trades for the state. SKET has a wealth of skilled human resources covering a broad range of specialties. There are 9 scientists or experts who are qualified for the government’s experts’ incentive, 1 MCC Group senior expert, 15 professor-level senior engineers, 48 senior engineers and 103 engineers. SKET has won numerous prestigious titles and prizes, some of which are “Top Ten National Comprehensive Survey and Design Institutes”, “National Advanced Engineering Survey Unit” and “National Mapping Quality Honor”. The credit rating of SKET is rated AAA. SKET possesses various special qualification certificates such as: Level A qualification for complex engineering surveys; Level A qualification for surveying and mapping; Level A qualification for engineering consultation; Level A qualification for ground work and infrastructure; qualifications for pile testing, earth-work, demolition and pull-down and special industry engineering. In addition, it has passed quality control system audit (GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO9001:2000 standard), China occupational health and safety management systems certification (GB/T28001—2001 standard), environmental management system certification (GB/T24001—1996  idt ISO14001:1996 standard), and is also authorized to operate overseas.
Since the 1950s, SKET’s business scope has covered metallurgy, construction, petroleum, power supply, coal, transportation and municipal utilities. It has also been involved in the reconstruction of China’s large steel enterprises as well as large national infrastructure constructions since the reform and opening-up of China. SKET has earned an impressive reputation in China by supplying services for over 20 provinces, cities and municipalities, completing a total of 15,000 large or medium-sized projects. Of these projects, over 80 projects won prizes awarded by the state and provincial government or by ministerial institutions; 20 projects won national scientific achievement prizes; and 6 achieved national technique invention patents.
SKET has established long-term cooperation and partner relationships with dozens of corporations in foreign countries and regions like the USA, Japan and Russia. Technical exchanges and coordination run regularly and experts are frequently sent to Russia, Zimbabwe, Vietnam and Pakistan for technical assistance and engineering services.
SKET’s major line of business covers surveying and mapping, geo-technical engineering survey, hydrographic survey, ground work engineering, geophysical engineering exploration, geo-technical design, construction, test analysis and earth work testing. It is also able to establish measurement control networks of different levels with GPS technology, conduct mapping and surveying of cities and mines with digitalized image technology, and set up computerized geographic information management systems; undertake geo-technical engineering surveys and geo-technical on-site testing for various industrial mines, municipal works, and high-rise buildings as well as ground work and pile earth testing; conduct hydro-geological surveys and borehole drilling, deep foundation pit dewatering; design, build and test various ground work and infrastructures (ramming and vibration methods, vibration sinking tube pile, large-bore drilling cast piles, spun cast pile, manual dig pile, spiral drilling concrete dynamic cast pile, pressure cast pile, rammed and expanded pile, steel slug pile, pre-stress tube pile, multi-joints pile, mixed cast pile, CFG, static pressure cast pile, high-pressure spun cast pile, underground continuous wall, etc); design and treat side slope support; conduct stability measurements and reinforcements of mining tails, mining tails leakage surveys, anti-leak design and construction; and undertake construction supervisions, blasting engineering, rock and earthworks, non-open cut pipeline laying and rehabilitation construction, as well as special engineering projects of replacement, rectification and reinforcement of buildings.
Our corporation possesses abundant technical equipment, including 5 sets of spin drillers (2 of which are made in Japan and the other 3 are IMT AF180, AF180C and AF220, which are made in Italy, with a controllable diameter of 1.8-2.2M and a drilling depth of 58M); 20 units of 100-400T·M ramming cranes; 1 set of ZYJ600B ZYJ hydraulic static pile driver, with a maximum pile diameter of 600㎜.; 5 sets of expansion pile drivers; 5 sets of deep layer milling drillers; 20 sets of geological engineering survey drillers of various models; 10 sets of advanced pile foundation analysis equipment; 3 sets of stable static, multi-channel transient Rayleigh wave detectors; 10 sets of large pile foundation static charge testing equipment, with a maximum static charge of 1,500T.  We also boast of a complete set of geophysical engineering exploration instruments including electrical detectors, seismographs, wave speed detectors, rock sound wave detectors and electrical well logging detectors; measuring instruments such as: total station tachometer, GPS and aviation survey instruments. In addition, we have complete regular civil engineering testing equipments: tri-axial system and resonant column meter for use in providing technical parameters for aseismatic designs.
MCC Shenkan Engineering Technology Corporation is determined to make the corporation’s reorganization an opportunity to continuously strive to perfect the modern enterprise system, nurture and strengthen its core competitive ability, and continually uphold its business tenet: “let science and technology be the paramount goal, quality the essential base, strive to satisfy customers and persist on continuous improvement”. SKET shall provide exceptional and highly efficient services to both local and international customers with its multifaceted strengths and capabilities.

Legal Representative: Wang Guiying
Address: 152 East Binhe Road, Shenhe district, Shenyang City, China
Zip Code: 110016
Telephone:024—24810097    024—24810046
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