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WISDRI Engineering & Research Incorporation Ltd.
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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WISDRI Engineering & Research Incorporation Ltd. (WISDRI) is an international engineering company. It was established based on the Wuhan Iron & Steel Design and Research General Institute of MCC Group, following the company’s major restructuring, which created a separate division for each major trade while maintaining the stockholders’ comprehensive rights. WISDRI was organized and founded with equity participation from the senior managerial staff, senior experts, key employees, Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company and Anshan New Steel Rolling Co., Ltd, with MCC Group as its initiator and biggest stockholder. The Company’s registered capital is 100 million Yuan. It is a modern enterprise that claims superior assets and transparent property rights. It adopts and carries out scientific management and is very competitive in the market.
WISDRI is a large-scale national general engineering company whose trade ranges from engineering technology research, consulting and design to general engineering contracting. It holds grade A license for general engineering contraction, engineering consulting services, design and engineering supervisory services. Its main line of business is focused on the metallurgical sector, while its development strategy includes other sectors as well, such as municipal planning, environmental protection, civil construction, transportation, textile and power supply. The transition of its main trade from engineering design to general engineering contracting has been well established, taking advantage of its specialty in design. It is capable of carrying out large-scale engineering project organization and management.
WISDRI’s specializations are well collocated, with 24 specialized categories such as technical, fixtures, automation, power and energy, planning, civil works and economics. It owns some branch companies in different places, including Shanghai Company, Guangzhou Design Institute and Architecture Design Institute; and some controlled subsidiaries such as Wuhan Metropolitan Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd, Wuhan Weishi Industrial Furnace Engineering Co., Ltd, Wuhan Weishi Software Co., Ltd, Wuhan Weishi Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd and WISDRI (Wuhan) Automation Co., Ltd. It is also the sponsor of the major national technological journal “Iron Making”. WISDRI always ranked highly in both the National Conclusion of Top 100 Surveying and Design Enterprises and the Revenue Ranking of the National Surveying and Design Enterprises. It ranked 27th in the 2004 competition for China’s Top 60 Enterprises in Contracting and Engineering Design.
WISDRI has completed a variety of national key engineering design and scientific research work, winning over 130 national prizes for excellent engineering design, invention and technical progress and over 100 patents ranging from knowledge patents to service invention patents. In June 1997, WISDRI was awarded with the certificate of GB / T19001 - 1994idt ISO9001:1994 issued by the Quality Certification Center of China Equipments Company, Beijing, and completed certificate revision according to the 2000 edition of the Quality Management System, which includes general engineering contracting.
WISDRI will adopt the spirit of “Faith, Precision, Innovation and Excellence” in developing WISDRI into a top engineering company, to be well received both in China and all over the world. The company is well prepared to provide the best technology and services to the engineering and construction industries worldwide.