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Zhongye Changtian International Engineering Co., Ltd.
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Zhongye Changtian International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CIE) was established in March 2003 as a result of structural reforms in the 1957-established Changsha Metallurgical Design and Research Institute of the MCC Group. CIE is a high-tech enterprise providing comprehensive services in project consultancy, geo-technical survey and exploration, design, general contract, project management and supervision, and technical research and development. After 48 years of development and reorganization, and along with the rapid development of the steel industry of China, CIE has become an international company of good reputation in the metallurgical industry.
The Outstanding Corporate Culture of CIE
CIE promotes the positive values of “being prudent, enterprising, self-fulfilling, diligent, and innovative and aiming for excellence”, to implement the core strategy of “unity, exploration, development, adherence to the tenet of becoming strong, becoming delicate and becoming big”.  It’s general aims are “to create wealth for the society, to create value for customers, to create economic benefits for the enterprise, and to bring happiness to the staff.” It lives by the corporate culture of “good faith, responsibility, collaboration, and common growth”.
CIE believes in the saying that “talents accomplish great achievements and great achievements create talents.” The company assigns positions according to competence and allots remuneration according to positions, thereby creating career development opportunities for the staff and encouraging outstanding talents to bring their intelligence and wisdom into full play.
CIE pursues the realization of sustainable growth and development of the enterprise systematically and does its best to serve customers.  It is dedicated to bringing about the well-being of the society.
Outstanding Market Development Ability of CIE
As a company specializing in sintering and pelletizing project design as well as general engineering contract, CIE has not only designed the largest sintering machine in the world (450 m2 sintering machine for Baosteel Ltd), but has also completed the most sintering project designs with the highest contract value in the world (over 1000 projects and for a contract value of RMB750 million, equivalent to US$90 million). CIE has set a precedent in general engineering contract for metallurgical design in China; not only has it set the highest record in term of contract value in a single general engineering contract for sintering projects in China, but it has also set records for number of general engineering contract for sintering projects and total contract value in the world. Since 2000, the company has completed general contracts with a total value of RMB3.2 billion (equivalent to US$390 million).
CIE has a distinct lead in the domestic market with a market share of over 80%. Recently, CIE has made rapid progress in the international market and has successfully entered the markets of India, Brazil, and Southeast Asia.
CIE’s Ability for Highly Efficient Production 
The straightforward structural organization of CIE ensures smooth business operation. The company has established a sound EPC project management system which is implemented in a matrix style, and has managed projects through the establishment of a network platform supported by the P3 software.
CIE has more than 500 employees. With this resource complement, the company has achieved annual per capita design value of RMB100 million for a total of contract value of RMB800 million. Per capita annual productivity has reached RMB1.8 million (equivalent to US$0.22 million).
CIE ranked 16th among the top 100 companies in China in terms of operating income from general engineering contracts in 2002.  It was number 32 among the top 50 companies in terms of project management. In the last four years, CIE has completed one after another, a 360 m2 sintering project for Anshan Steel Ershao, a 360 m2 sintering project for Anshan Steel Dongshao, a 150 m2 sintering project for Panzhihua and Chengdu Steel, a 180 m2 sintering project for Lian Steel, a 180 m2 sintering project for Nanchang Steel, a 198 m2 sintering project for Xinyu Steel, a 360 m2 sintering project for Shao Steel and seven other large and very large general engineering contract for sintering projects.  The 360 m2 sintering project for Anshan Steel Dongshao won the Silver Key Award in the 1st Excellent General Engineering Contract Competition of China.
CIE's Strong Technical Research and Development Arm
CIE has a full range of technologies in mining, concentration, sintering and pelletizing, etc. which are widely used in large construction projects in the mining, metallurgy and steel industries.  These technologies have produced outstanding results.
CIE has won more than 100 excellent project awards at the national, provincial, and ministerial levels, some of which are:
· Phase I of Panzhihua Steel Mining Project - National Silver Award for Excellent Project Design;
· Phase II of the Extension Project of Wuhan Steel Daye Iron Ore Mine - National Gold Award for Excellent Project Design;
· Overflow Concentration Project of Hainan Iron Ore Mine - National Silver Award for Excellent Project Design;
· Concentration Plant Project of Panzhihua Steel - National Excellent Award for Project Design;
· Phase I of the Sintering Project of Baosteel - National Gold Award for Excellent Project Design;
· Phase II of the 450m2 Sintering Project of Baosteel - National Gold Award for Excellent Project Design and National Special Award for Project Design;
· Phase III of the Sintering Project of Baosteel - National Silver Award for Excellent Project Design; and,
· Sintering Project of Wuhan Steel Sishao - Ministerial First Award for Excellent Project Design.
CIE has always strived to excel in technical innovations following the tenet of “environment protection, high efficiency and energy-saving”. The company has won more than 200 technical progress and invention awards and has over 50 patented and proprietary technologies. Many patented and proprietary technologies have been widely adopted and applied, bringing good economic and social benefits to various proprietors.
CIE has set up a sintering and pelletizing technology centre, an environment protection technology research institute, Sandian control technology research centre, industrial furnace and kiln technology research institute, and other technology research and development centers, thereby providing strong support for the sustainable technical innovations of the company.
A Great Team of CIE
There are currently over 580 employees in the company, including 293 senior professional title holders, 192 intermediate professional title holders, and 56 professorate senior engineers. These include two chief designers for China projects, 24 experts enjoying government subsidies, one sintering chief expert from the MCC Group, and 18 registered grade A architects.
CIE's Strong Ability to Raise Funds
CIE has been awarded an “AA” credit rating certificate by its bankers.  At present, it has obtained a credit facility of RMB730 million from various banks including a foreign exchange credit facility of US$15 million.
A Company of Good Standing
CIE has been recognized as “the Good Standing Enterprise of Changsha City” for 16 consecutive years and “the Good Standing Enterprise at Provincial Level of Hunan Province” for eight consecutive years. In 2003, the company was again recognized as “the Good Standing Enterprise of the Country”.  At present, it enjoys the reputation of being an “AA-rated” local tax payer of Hunan Province.

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