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Introduction of Shanghai MCC Hospital
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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Founded on the 17th of September 1999, Shanghai MCC Hospital is an incorporation of several hospitals, namely, Baosteel Metallurgical Hospital, No. 20 Metallurgical Hospital, No. 13 Metallurgical Hospital, No. 5 Metallurgical Hospital, and No. 19 Metallurgical Clinic. It is a Level 2 general hospital offering various services, such as medical treatment, prevention, health care, rehabilitation, first aid and training. There are 515 employees, including 42 with senior professional titles and 112 with secondary professional titles. It has an officially approved capacity of 350 beds, with 641 beds available for use. The hospital’s registered capital is 10.48 million Yuan. It has one main headquarters and two out-patient departments, located on Dedu Road and Tieli Road respectively. For educational and training purposes, it is affiliated with the Medical School of Wuhan University of Metallurgical Technology and Henan Xinxiang Medical College. It also serves as the clinical and medical base for the Gerontology Research Institute of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the accredited hospital for medical insurance coverage in Shanghai.
The hospital’s organizational structure is made up of 7 functional departments, 10 clinical departments and 5 support departments. The functional departments are the President’s Office, the Socials and Public Relations Department, the Medical Education Department, the Finance Department, the Labor and Human Resources Department, the Health Care Department and the Logistics and Services Department. The clinical departments are the Medical Department, Surgical Department, Department of Gynecology, Department of Pediatrics, Orthopedic Department, Rehabilitation Department, TCM Department, Department of Stomatology, EENT Department and Department of Dermatology. The Pharmacy, Testing, Radiology, Pathology and Function Departments make up the support departments.
The hospital is well equipped with numerous large medical equipment, including spiral CT machine, 1000mA X-ray unit, DSA, color Doppler ultrasound cardiograph apparatus, cardiac treadmill stress testing, 24-hour dynamic electrocardiogram, fully automated biochemical analyzer, multi-purpose electronic endoscope, hysteroscope, celioscope, sequential external counter-pulsation device, and bone density therapeutic apparatus.
The Medical Department is highly experienced in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, with a high success rate in rescuing patients suffering from acute myocardial infarction. Recessive coronary heart disease can be diagnosed in advance through temporary and permanent cardiac pacemaker implants and treadmill exercise. Noninvasive examinations can be carried out via the helocobacter pylori test through 14C expiration test. The hospital also can carry out polypi extirpation with the help of the gastroscope and enteroscope. The Surgical Department is skilled in the treatment of many kinds of diseases, such as the treatment of dermatophytosis, cholecystotomy with celioscope, comprehensive treatment of severe pancreatitis, radical treatment of kidney cancer, kidney calculi lithotomy, pyeloplasty and ureteropyelitis, urethra lithotomy, radical treatment of cancer of the kidneys, urethra and bladder, prostate gland hyperplasia electro-coagulation vaporization, intracranial hematoma evacuation and bone flap craniotectomy, brain tumor excision, intracranial hematoma and cerebral hemorrhage drainage with infinitesimal wound. The Department of Gynecology is skilled in performing pain-free induced abortions and childbirths. The Orthopedic Department is skilled in BAK, total hip arthroplasty, knee joint arthroscopic operation, bone graft fusion and inner fixation between anterior corpus vertebrae after restoration from cervical vertebra fracture and luxation, inter-lumbar Cage fusion, internal fixation of the pedicle of vertebral arch screw. The other departments have their own expertise as well: diabetes treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine, anal fistula treatment in Anus and Intestine Department and false teeth reparation in the Department of Stomatology.
On the 25th of January 2002, the Shanghai MCC Hospital, in cooperation with the Shanghai Foundation for the Aged, built the Shanghai Jinhui Convalescent Hospital for the Aged, which is run in a one-hospital-two-signs way. The Convalescent Hospital mainly receives and treats old patients who suffer from senile dementia, sequela of cerebral apoplexy, senile diseases nursing, bone arthritis and paraplegia. It is a medical center for the care, treatment and nursing of senile diseases and for scientific research and education.
In May 2000, our hospital won the silver medal in the competition for the “Most Trustworthy Enterprise in Pricing and Measurement” held in Shanghai once every two years. We were the only medical organization in the Baoshan District to have received such an award.
In June 2001, our hospital was named the “Model Institution” in the second model institution nominations in the Shanghai public health scheme.
In September of the same year, the Shanghai MCC Hospital was awarded with the “Plaque of Recognition for Contributing to the Promotion of the Development of Rehabilitation Medicine” by the Shanghai Rehabilitation Medical Academy. And in September 2003, the Shanghai Commission for the Aged named Shanghai MCC Hospital among the “Top 100 Specialized Foundations in Helping the Aged with Love”.
Shanghai MCC Hospital shall adopt the motto of “All for the sake of the patients’ needs and interests” and the spirit of “Unity, Faith, Practicality and Innovation” in serving MCC’s employees, their families and the local residents.