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Lin Jinzhen Workers'Director

Born in July 1961, a Chinese national without the right of residence outside China, Lin Jinzhen currently holds the positions of Workers’ Representative Director of the MCC Group and MCC and President and Party Committee Secretary of the MCC Tiangong Group Corporation Limited. Mr. Lin has served successively as Assistant Engineer and Principal Staff Member of the Capital Construction Department's Enterprise Management Department and Engineer of the Construction Department's General Office under the Ministry of the Metallurgical Industry, Engineer and Senior Engineer of MCC (under preparation), DeputyDirector of the Group Personnel Department, Manager of Personnel Department II and DeputyDirector of the Human ResourcesDepartment of MCC. He served as Human ResourcesDepartmentDirector (Director of the Party Committee Organization Department) of the MCC Group (MCC since May 2009) from November 2003 to September 2013, Director of the MCC Party Committee Organization Department from September 2013 to July 2014, Worker'sDirector of the MCC Group from November 2006, Workers’ Representative Director of MCC from October 2012, and Director and Party Committee Secretary of the MCC Tiangong Group Corporation Limited from July 2014. A senior engineer, Mr. Lin graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor's degree in Mine Construction.