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Mauritanian Officials Inspect Highway Project of 17MCC Group

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The Mauritanian Minister of Equipment and Transportation, Ahmed Ould Mohameden, conducted an inspection visit to the I and II Bidding Sections of Delta Highway Project during 21-22 July 2013. This works is being contracted by the Road & Bridge Technology Company of the 17th China Metallurgical Construction Group (17MCC Group). The officials of the transportation authorities and the local governments along the highway accompanied the Minister during the visit.
Minister Ahmed Ould Mohameden and his delegation members inspected the construction sites of the road base and the bridge structures, as well as the equipment installation works for the crushing station and the bituminous mixing plant. In addition, the delegation members were debriefed on the project implementation organization, quality, safety, environment protection and construction progress.
The project site is located in the Sahara Desert, which is featured by atrocious weather such as high temperature, less rain and sandstorm. The Mauritanian officials placed a high premium on the perfect performance made by all the project staff because they had conquered various difficulties and efficiently organized the project construction on a quality basis. The officials also gave full recognition on the physical progress achieved despite of the intense heat and the sandstorm in summer. In addition, they expected the people of 17MCC Group to continue the rigorous and efficient working style, apply advanced construction technologies for the highway project, and eventually build the Delta Highway into a Sino-Mauritanian friendship road.