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Liaoning Government Officials Visit MCC Huaye Project

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Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Standing Member & Dalian Municipal Party Committee Secretary Tang Jun, accompanied by Dalian Deputy Mayor (in charge of sports) Zhang Jun and relevant leaders from Dalian Road Transportation Bureau, Planning Bureau, Public Security Bureau, and Safety Supervision Bureau, paid a fact finding trap to Dalian Municipal Gym which was undertaken by MCC Huaye Resources Development Company on May 21, 2012, and highly appreciated the project quality.
Dalian Municipal Party Committee Secretary Tang emphasized during the visit that MCC Huaye, as the general contractor, should coordinate the cross operations of each trades, and attach great importance to the project quality and safety while ensuring the entire project schedule. The external decoration installation of the Gym had been finished currently and entered into internal decoration phase, and this project was expected to be completed in October, 2012. The Gym after putting into operation could accommodate 18000 audiences, being one of the indoor gyms which can accommodate the largest quantity of audiences in China.
Dalian TV station made a field interview against MCC Huaye Dalian Project Manager Dong Luqun. As introduced by Dong, the suspended dome structure was the highlight of Dalian Gym, and the roof adopting this structure was the largest one in China and even Asia currently.